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Centre Philosophy & Mission Statement

Our Philosophy

Our aim is to help children grow to their full potential in an environment that is supportive and nurturing.


Our play based curriculum embraces the concept of “Belonging, Being, and Becoming” (EYLF), a child initiated, adult facilitated program. We support children to learn through active exploration and interactions with their peers, educators, and the environment.


We strive for a culture of mutual trust and open communication with our families. We build strong connections with our wider community, in particular schools within our local area.


Our centre provides a calm, stable, welcoming environment. We have wide, open spaces that encourage the children to explore and discover on their own terms.


We recognise that our community is a socially diverse and multicultural society. As a centre we recognise and value this diversity.


We take an active role as a community to do our part in caring for our environment and contributing to a sustainable future.

Our Team

We value a team approach, where all educators are respected and encouraged to work together in a supportive environment. We encourage professional development and reflective practices within our centre.

Mission Statement

Goals for Teaching and Learning


These are the goals that we have set as a team for our work with the children, families, and wider community.

  • For the educators to be co-learners with the children, taking the journey together.
  • For the kindergarten to be an environment in which the children feel comfortable in taking risks in their experimentation and learning.
  • For the educators to work in conjunction with other professionals within the community to be able to provide the best education and care for the children.
  • For the children to be treated as the individuals that they are, with their own interests, needs, and capabilities.
  • To provide a curriculum that is relevant to the children and their interests, strengths, and needs.
  • For the children to feel safe, secure, and supported.
  • For families to feel welcome within the kindergarten.
  • For educators to be able to build a bond with the families, working in conjunction with them to help develop strong, secure, and confident learners.
  • For educators to be able to share their experiences and knowledge with other members of the teaching team.
  • For educators to be able to foster the children’s independence and confidence within the educational program.
  • For educators to continue to build on their professional knowledge through professional development courses.
  • For the children to be able to feel comfortable within their relationships with their teachers and peers.
  • For the kindergarten to be a place of acceptable and equal opportunities for all.
  • For the children to be able to learn more about the environment, exploring environmental issues and promoting a sustainable future.


Our centre acknowledges the land that we play and learn on is the traditional land of the Darramuragal People. We pay our respect to the Elders past, present and future as we thank them for sharing and caring for the land we play on.

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